SUMMER Academy 2020

7 DAYS | 6 TOWNS | 5 workshops

Heritage Summit 2020

Join the Heritage Summit as part of our Summer Academy for an unforgettable experience.

Learn the bucolic countryside of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Explore awe-inspiring, timeless beauty — ideal to rediscover what’s most important to YOU.

One and two-week options available in: July & August 2020.

If your organization is interested in bringing a group, you are welcome to contact us and we can assist with special arrangements.


the unique cultural and historical heritage: a mix of east and west, a crossroads of the world.


and re-write your positive identity and leadership skills Discover and empower yourself through artistic and academic enrichment.

  • time travel

to a magical, heart-shaped country in the middle Europe, full of history and awe-inspiring, timeless beauty. 

  • create

and disrupt the status quo. Creativity is the key ingredient of every human advancement.

  • taste

and enjoy the finest cuisine BiH has to offer, from local street food to the top chef menus.  

  • connect

with like-minded individuals as we share our journeys and create lasting friendships.

welcome to BiH

the magical, heart-shaped country in the middle of old Europe


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Early Application

The regular application deadline is May 14 while the deadline for the “Early Bird” is April 2.


All applicants will receive confirmation of receipt of their application. Results of your application will be notified within two weeks.  Applicants will be officially informed of their acceptance with an admission letter by the Academy Secretariat. 

Registration is rolling with the exception of competitive scholarship programs, which have earlier application deadlines. 

Call for Speakers and Exhibitors

Raise your profile, strengthen your professional reputation, and present your work and leadership. The Summit is designed to give you an opportunity to educate and shape the industry you work in.

We look forward to hearing from you. There are only a few remaining spots left.

Have Questions?

There are two terms, each one week during July 27- August 09, 2020 (Monday – Sunday). You are welcome to arrive earlier and/or depart later. In fact, we encourage it! BiH offers many idyllic, historic sources and unique places to connect with nature – and to reconnect with yourself.  We are happy to assist you concerning other aspects of your visit to BiH. 

Bosnia-Herzegovina, the magical heart-shaped country in the middle of old Europe, consists of awe-inspiring, timeless beauty, an ideal location to de-stress, reset and reconnect with what matters most to you. The main venues for our Summit are historical sites across Sarajevo, the todays capital of BiH, as well as Visoko, the ancient capital of the Bosnian Kingdom.  The Old Town of Visoko was a well-known medieval town and fortress that was built during the 14th century on Visočica Hill.  More info: Royal town of Visoki.

We believe that meaningful partnerships with fitting organizations make ALL the difference. Whether you are a large multinational company, a leading independent brand, or a new start-up, there is tremendous value in leading and influencing the industry’s future direction. Contact us today to discuss opportunities:
100% of profits go to the Mandala Academy Foundation, committed to making education widely available.  We want EVERYONE to have access to tools that build greater compassion and freedom.  

We have designed the Heritage Summit to be unlike any other gatherings. This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in our magical locations, with fellow truth-seekers, industry leaders, academics, and researchers from around the globe.  Our goal is a simple yet profound one, that is, we are endeavoring to create a wiser and just world,  a nurturing and enlightening environment in which we all – free of  fear of judgment – share insights and learn from each other.

100% of profits go to Mandala Academy Foundation committed to making transformational education widely accessible.  We want EVERYONE to have access to tools that build greater resilience, compassion and freedom.

Early Bird registration is 30% off the regular rate, which is $297. The Early Bird Special expires on May 03, 2020, so we encourage you to act fast!  Email us for exclusive promotions:
100% of profits go
to Mandala Academy Foundation, committed to making education widely available.  We want EVERYONE to have access to tools that build greater compassion and freedom. 

• Transfers from/to Sarajevo International Airport
• Official guides, including talks with experts.
• Daily lunch
• Local transportation and tickets to the sites such as museum
• All activities (classes, workshops, lectures….)

Because we are focused on creating a collaborative and interactive environment, most of our content is covered in workshops, intimate breakout sessions. Many of our presenters are subject matter experts, academics, visionaries and thought leaders. 

Our goal for the Summit is to create a peaceful and magical environment, full of an abundance of opportunities for you to disconnect from your “normal life” and to re-connect with what’s most important to YOU.  When was the last time you focused your thought, energy and passion on YOU?  Engage in reflection and the daily workshops. Immerse yourself in a stunning landscape. Connect with nature and the beauty that surrounds us.  Soften and sharpen your senses at the same time. Connect with history and connect with yourself. Our workshops are interactive and limited to 15 participants. 

When you register for the Premium Package (limited capacity), you benefit from everything in our STANDARD package plus:
    Special Gift bag
    Intimate private meal with presenters and guest speakers
    Professional photo opportunity 

   And many more surprises!

No. Sarajevo International Airport is serviced by multiple international airlines, including Austrian Airlines, flydubai, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Swiss International Air Lines, Turkish Airlines, and others.

Sarajevo center is only 7 kilometer from the airport Sarajevo, approximately a 15-minute drive.  We are providing as part of the Summit travel from the airport. However, you are welcome to rent your vehicle – let us know. We will gladly assist you.

Perfect! In fact, many of our participants are solo travelers. Arrive by yourself with questions and leave with cherished friends and (some) answers –  and, importantly, even more questions. Once you sign up, connect to our private Facebook page and get to know the group before the trip, you might find a companion for our Summit. We welcome people both who are most comfortable sticking to themselves as well as those with a broad and diverse group of friends.  The commonality among all of us is that we seek to enrich our senses and bring renewed and refreshed meaning to our lives by connecting with nature and one another.

Our retreats are for men and women alike.  Bring a friend or make a new friend(s). However, please note that each person must be a ticket holder.

The weather in BiH in July/August is relatively warm, with a refreshing mountain top breeze, so pack light clothes.  Be sure to bring comfortable shoes for nature hiking. Evenings get a little cooler, so it’s best to bring a light sweater.  Bring whatever makes you happy and comfortable. Most definitely do not expect to find a luxury boutique at the Summit! Less is more, it’s really that simple.  And we try to practice what we preach – we seek to foster a nonjudgmental, mutually supportive community. Please consult weather forecast for BiH prior to departure.

You will have time — however much you desire — every day to be alone.  How you spend this time is entirely up to you. The choices are limitless.  Do anything and everything — or nothing. Spectacular walks, hikes and runs.  Write in your journal, go for a walk or do anything that is nurturing for your experience.

Contact US! We’re happy to help!