The Mandala Academy’s mission is to create a more sustainable and just world by providing to all access to education and tools that build greater compassion and freedom. Our young organization is born of a lifetime commitment to education and is based on our deep passion for the continuing development of our beautiful country. Our vision is to become the leading international academy in South Eastern Europe contributing to a more just, sustainable and compassionate world.


Vildana Bijedic

Driven by her commitment to make a positive impact in society, Vildana began her career at the UN in war-torn Bosnia-Herzegovina. She then broadened her skill set with Accenture, one of the world’s leading management consulting and technology services companies. Beside her enthusiasm for new technologies, one of her strongest beliefs is that education is the passport to freedom. As someone who went overnight from being daddy’s little princes to a refugee, living for years under a cloud of war, Vildana is committed to global citizenship and is an advocate for peace. She holds a MSc from London School of Economics (LSE), a Masters from the University of Milan and a B.A. from Miami University.

What is Mandala Meaning?​

Mandala, pronounced as mah-ndah-lah”, is a powerful symbol that is mostly used in ceremonial rituals, in worship, in art, and architecture and creative art therapy. In today’s word, the term mandala is used to refer to any pattern or diagram that has radial balance.  Mandalas come in different types, forms, and varieties. For example, ceiling mandalas are usually seen on the ceilings of holy structures such as temples and mosques. Besides them being colorful and decorative, they’re also believed to offer blessings and protections.